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Why join Building Opportunities? 

  •  Accept more children: Providers with a licensed agency can enrol up to 6 children. Unlicensed home child care can only accept 5 children.

  • Make more money: Providers with a licensed agency can make more money having more children in their care and qualifying for a Provincial Wage Enhancement of an extra $20 a day.

  • Become Licensed: Parents want whats best for their children. They feel a sense of relief knowing that a home follows all licensing requirements to ensure children are in a safe and stimulating environment. They enjoy monthly updates from Home Visitors and an extra set of eyes when stepping in to ensure home is running smoothly.

  • Focus less on paperwork and more on children: The agency is responsible for invoicing parents and collecting bi-weekly payments. This way providers just need to focus on children and the home child care environment. 

  • Spend less money on daily essentials: The agency provides safe, working equipment for all homes. This includes gates, high chairs, playpens, cots and strollers for all children 

  • Becoming a lifelong learner: Providers engage in 10+ hours yearly of professional development to ensure they are up to date with developmentally appropriate practice and new research regarding child development practices. 

  • Receive ongoing support: Providers may come across situations with parents and children and need advice and support. Our home visitors are available to offer advice and tools to handle certain situations. If need be - the agency is also involved in handling/solving certain situation between providers and parents. 

Quick facts about our agency

  • We pay more than any other agency

  • We offer start up cost reimbursements

  • Providers have access to an app they can use with families called Kidsloop

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